small birb

i got this yesterday 

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progress has happened….a bit

cocahnuts said: Wow your art is amazing! You're so talented it's insane. Did you teach yourself drawing techniques or do you go to art classes of some sort? I draw too but I'm looking to improve and learn different techniques but I'm not really sure how. Thank youu! xx

aaah thank you! i’ve never taken classes but when i see other people draw in a cool way i kind of adopt that technique and build from there. if you wanna draw in the style i do, get a sketchbook with crappy paper to sketch on (don’t waste your good paper for scribbles and eraser marks), when you’re happy with the final version of the sketch, go over with a black pen. then put your better paper on top of that one with paperclips and trace it lightly with a pencil. then comes the aggravating part of filling in. you should get a blender stump (i have derwent) and then blend away. it’s pretty easy going from there. i checked out your art and it’s really good, also you have the best eyebrows in the world :)

it’s done 

as am i 

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

whooah we’re half-way there

i’m procrastinating drawing by drawing so this happened

Sherlock in 2B and 6B pencil and 0.5mm led

what am i doing and why

someonesbirthday said: How. HOW?! Your art is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! How the heck do you DO that?!

it’s usually a LOT of wailing, groaning, complainig and procrastinating and very little time goes into actually drawing. other than that i sketch, outline, trace, fill in and shade in that order

this lil guy flew into my glass today

went out to look at the stars 

very early Mia Wasikowska 

castiel-is-a-moaner said: YU WE HAVE THE SAME NAME you finnish??

HI yea im from finland

owl, about 4.5h, A4, 2b 4b and 6b pencil, 0.5mm led, 2.3mm eraser