so apparently my drawings are worth 40£ 

i’m gonna throw up

it’s done can i get a hell yea

there is no motivation

theawilford said: Oh, I love, love, adore your recent drawings of Martin Freeman (John Watson?) and Sherlock! You're so very talented. Please do consider submitting them to the new appreciation blog thankyoubbcsherlock, whose URL is being sent to the cast and crew and writers (along with flowers and a charity donation). It would likely increase the chances that those connected with the show would see your art, and it definitely deserves to be seen.

dblvaijawilfaj thank y o u i’m gon cry aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i’m gonna do it heck yea THANK YOU

damn bug on my windshield

small birb

i got this yesterday 

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progress has happened….a bit

cocahnuts said: Wow your art is amazing! You're so talented it's insane. Did you teach yourself drawing techniques or do you go to art classes of some sort? I draw too but I'm looking to improve and learn different techniques but I'm not really sure how. Thank youu! xx

aaah thank you! i’ve never taken classes but when i see other people draw in a cool way i kind of adopt that technique and build from there. if you wanna draw in the style i do, get a sketchbook with crappy paper to sketch on (don’t waste your good paper for scribbles and eraser marks), when you’re happy with the final version of the sketch, go over with a black pen. then put your better paper on top of that one with paperclips and trace it lightly with a pencil. then comes the aggravating part of filling in. you should get a blender stump (i have derwent) and then blend away. it’s pretty easy going from there. i checked out your art and it’s really good, also you have the best eyebrows in the world :)

it’s done 

as am i 

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

whooah we’re half-way there

i’m procrastinating drawing by drawing so this happened

Sherlock in 2B and 6B pencil and 0.5mm led

what am i doing and why

someonesbirthday said: How. HOW?! Your art is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! How the heck do you DO that?!

it’s usually a LOT of wailing, groaning, complainig and procrastinating and very little time goes into actually drawing. other than that i sketch, outline, trace, fill in and shade in that order